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There are two types of used cars auctions: Online and Live (in-person) no matter which route you choose, remember that buying used cars can be complicated. Pacific Boeki are making the process more efficient and transparent.

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Online Auction

We are member of all Japanese Auto Auctions. We are here for you to provide cars from auctions without you visiting Japan. Simply we will search cars for you. Let us know your desire vehicle and budget. We will place bid on your behalf and purchase car for you and then deliver it at your nearest port. Create a free account. Register to bid online

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Travel, Work & Have Fun

We are offering Car Dealers to travel Japan and explore our unique culture, technology, nature and lifestyle.

Attend On-site Auctions with us, our friendly team will assist you in buying cars from auction.
You won’t know what condition you’ll find once you physically inspect a car at Auction hall. Unexpected repairs could cost you, so take that into account when figuring out how much you can comfortably bid to purchase a car at auction hall.

Have fun by enjoying night life and delicacies of Japan. There are lots of adventure and activities that you can cherish and enjoy in Japan.

Please contact for the cost of package and details. Our regular customers are invited free of charges.
Also we are offering free accommodation at your trip for Car Dealers only "subject to availability and our tight schedule". Contact us for more information.

Travel Work Fun