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How to Buy From Auction

Search For a Car

Step 1

Find the car you need via our simple search system. Whether you need a Toyota Corolla Or a Mercedes C200 you will find your car with ease.

Register with Us
Make Deposit & Access Auction

Place your Deposit

Step 2

We will be able to place your bid for you with just a 10% deposit. This is refundable and is just a security measure to reassure us you are serious. Should you not win this auction we will simply transfer it to you next choice or you can request for a refund. Rest assured that deposits are always returned if a bid is unsuccessful. To place your deposit please transfer funds to our USD account as detailed below.


Tell us Your Bid

Step 3

Contact us to talk to your salesperson and agree your car, your maximum bid and confirm the import service you would like.

Find Car & Make BID
BID Result

Track Your Car

Step 4

Once we have received your balance payment we will progress with the export and take care of the inspections and paperwork for you. All export documentation, including the Original Bills of Lading, Export Certificates and any required Road Worthiness Certificates for the car plus any loose items will be sent to you directly by our agent in Japan.


Your Car’s Arrival

Step 5

Congratulations! We hope you are very happy to receive your car. We will make sure your documents will have reached you in time for your car to import into your country. Once your clearing agents have cleared your car, you can collect it and enjoy driving it for the first time.

We always like to hear about your importing experiences, so we will always contact you once you have cleared and received your car.

Receive Vehicle