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Get FREE Access to all major Japanese Car Auctions with over 100,000 vehicles updated weekly!

Find your preferred vehicles at our user friendly Japan Auto Auctions search engine. Our highly trained experts are always happy to assist in identifying the vehicles that provide you with the highest value for your money.

Why Buy Cars from Japan Auto Auctions?

Cheaper Prices

Japanese Car Auctions are the best source of vehicles at very low prices because of the competitive nature of auctions and the buyers who attend them, such as us

Wide Variety

Over 100,000 vehicles are available each week from all major auction halls in Japan to choose your preferred vehicle!

Sales Statistics

Actions provide users with Market Price Data for different vehicles over a 3 month period, allowing buyers to better understand the market value of a vehicle prior to purchase.


All Auctioned vehicles are thoroughly inspected by licensed inspectors who note everything from a major dent to a barely visible scratch on each inspection sheet. This helps exporters such as Pacific Boeki Co. Ltd. better understand the quality and condition of a vehicle prior to purchasing it.

Premium Quality

Auctions have vehicles that range from minor accidents to Brand New Condition, and everything in between. As such, buyers are able to choose from thousands of premium quality vehicles from the auctions.

Fast Shipment

Pacific Boeki Co. Ltd. provides smooth custom clearance and expedient shipment on the very next available vessel after a vehicle is purchased and payment is confirmed.