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Toyota launch "Sora1" Fuel Cell Electrified Vehicle Bus

[9th Sep, 2019]

Toyota City, Japan- Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces today the launch of its updated "Sora1" Fuel Cell Electrified Vehicle bus (FCEV bus) in August and improvements to its preventive safety performance. Specifically, Toyota has improved the Sora's preventive safety performance through the use of ITS functions (ITS: Intelligent Transport Systems).


Additionally, the Sora's transportation capacity, speed, and punctuality have been expanded. As a public transport bus, the Sora requires both a high operation rate and high safety performance at all times. To this end, the updated model includes a function that cautions the driver when making right turns at intersections and a system that enables passengers to activate an emergency stop in urgent situations, such as if the driver suddenly falls ill.


The updated Sora is equipped with a new system that shares information on the distance between the vehicles, to prevent two or more buses travelling in a convoy from being separated at traffic lights and bus stops, leading to overall improvements in transportation capacity, speed, and punctuality of the buses. The improvements2 made in this update are listed below.

Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS)


If an urgent situation occurs, such as the driver suddenly falling ill, this system allows the driver or passengers to press the emergency brake switch to decelerate the bus and bring it to a stop3. The control system has been designed specifically for public transport buses, where the safety of standing passengers is crucial. As the bus starts to decelerate, red flashing lights and a voice alert passengers to the emergency; those outside the vehicle and nearby are alerted to the emergency via a horn and flashing stop lights and hazard lights.


Collision Warning System


If the millimeter-wave radar installed at the front of the bus detects there is a risk of colliding with a vehicle or obstacle ahead on the road, it alerts the driver with a warning buzzer and activates a warning notification on the monitor screen. The system considers the safety of standing passengers and seated passengers who have not fastened their seatbelts, and supports the driver in avoiding collisions by assisting with steering.